Tricks for homemade cookies


Looking for Tricks for homemade cookies? Have a look at this post and find 6 secrets to make the best cookies in the world! You might also like to have a look at some of our previous posts, such as 5 delicious desserts without sugar and using cheese on desserts. I am sure you will love these recipes too! 

We know that even when cookies are bad, they are still good, which does not mean you have to settle for that.

In fact, there is nothing tastier than homemade cookies, and if they are good, so they are perfect for tea time!

See our Tricks for homemade cookies, follow them, and I’m sure you will make the best cookies in the world!

6 Tricks for homemade cookies


Making a perfect cookie is not easy, I know, but with the help of a few tips, you’ll get it. There are 6 secrets to make perfect cookies, and that’s what we’ll go to you now! See the best Tricks for homemade tricks for homemade cookies

Invest in ingredients 

To make something perfect, all that is involved has to be perfect too. Mainly in cooking, if we do not use the right ingredients, and quality, the result will not be the expected!

Now, chocolate cookies do not require a lot of ingredients, so we can focus on the quality of each of the used ingredients.

Therefore, no margarine! Use real butter. Buy a quality vanilla extract and a chocolate that is good and tasty.

Ideally, the butter is French or Irish, because they have a higher fat content and less water. The taste is indescribable!

Mix a lot and then just a little

Early in the process must beat very well. In the case of cookies, will beat the butter with the sugar. Must beat until the sugar crystals and the butter mix, creating air pockets. This air will help the cookies to rise in the oven.

After adding the eggs, the appearance of the mass will be like curd, but it’s normal. Continue beating vigorously, until there are no traces of any eggs.

When you add the flour, the mixer must be at least, but the best thing is to involve flour at hand.

Remember that the liquid actives gluten in the flour, so the more you beat, harder cookies will be.

Cool dough

One of the best Tricks for homemade cookies is to let the dough in the refrigerator between 24 and 36 hours. When you leave the cookies in the cold, resting for a long time, it makes the ingredients combine perfectly, helping also to create browned cookies with those caramel touches.

Use more salt

Salt increases the taste of chocolate, and so we can not stop using it. In addition, it lowers the sweetness, leaving the taste of the most balanced cookies.trick-for-homemade-cookies

Reconsider your pan

Make perfect cookies, choose heavy pans and borderless, always lined with silicone mats or parchment paper then.

Use a grid to rest

When you have removed the cookies from the oven, let it rest on a wire rack for 5 to 10 minutes. So they cool evenly either over or below, ensuring that your cookies will be crisp!

Try our Tricks for homemade cookies and make great and tasty cookies this weekend! 

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