The importance of a varied diet

importance of varied diet

The importance of a varied diet is undeniable. Often when we hear about a healthy diet, we think the only thing we should do is to eat healthy foods. But it goes well beyond that. It is extremely important to vary the foods to supply all needs of our body. Let’s see why a balanced diet is so important.

The importance of a varied diet – Variety is synonym of healththe importance of a varied diet - health

Only having a varied diet you can cover your bases. Food has different vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars. So it is important to ensure that our body maintains the levels of each one in the normal range. The importance of a varied diet starts here, but it does not end here.

That’s why we should not only eat lettuce as a vegetable but include others in our food. Vary the fruits and vegetables as well as protein sources. Don’t restrict yourself to animal protein, there are plenty of sources of vegetable protein that may be healthier than the animal. the importance of varied diet


Often we think that just because a portion of food is healthy we eat it again and again. However, certain food when consumed in large quantities can be toxic to the body. One example is the albacore tuna that contains small amounts of mercury. However, when consumed in high quantities exposes the body to high levels of this metal. Maintaining a varied diet, we avoid this kind of problem.


A varied diet should not be restricted only to adults. In fact The importance of a varied diet is, even more, evident when we talk about them. It will underpin their body and intellectual development.
When there is a lack of one or other nutrient our body cannot perform perfectly all its functions, and it is, even more, evident in children. importance of varied diet

That’s because the body is in the growth phase and the brain is stimulated daily for new activities. Concentration and memory, as well as growth and motor development, are on the agenda, so it is important to give the body of your small one everything he needs to grow healthily.

Teach your child to try new foods every day. Keep your colorful dish, and do not forget that you have to lead by example.
Our children look to us as someone to follow. They learn by imitating, so your role is more important than saying what he should eat. Your dish should be exactly the same as him, so he feels it is normal, and not exclusively for him (or can learn that healthy food is a punishment).

It is crucial you have a balanced diet to supply all your needs, but it is, even more, important to guarantee your kids’ health. The importance of a varied diet is certainly indisputable.

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