Simple recipes with white chocolate

There are simple recipes with white chocolate that will leave all your guests delighted! Don’t you believe me? We all know the importance of a varied diet, but you can include in it (sometimes) some candies, treats, and sweets. So we have some recipes that you can cook for these days you need some sugar in your blood (and we know it happens sometimes!).  Continue reading “Simple recipes with white chocolate”

Magical treats for Harry Potter fans

We have prepared a surprise for you: Magical treats for Harry Potter fans! YEY! It’s true, we searched for the best recipes from Harry Potter books and now we are going to share with you so you can make them in your Harry Potter themed party. Are you ready to enter in the magic world of Harry Potter? Let’s go!  Continue reading “Magical treats for Harry Potter fans”

The importance of a varied diet

The importance of a varied diet is undeniable. Often when we hear about a healthy diet, we think the only thing we should do is to eat healthy foods. But it goes well beyond that. It is extremely important to vary the foods to supply all needs of our body. Let’s see why a balanced diet is so important. Continue reading “The importance of a varied diet”