The origin of chocolate

origin of the chocolate

Do you know The origin of chocolate? We all know how tasty chocolate is, but most of us don’t know how it was discovered. In this article, we are going to see all about the history of chocolate. Are you curious? Read on! See also our previous articles, such as simple recipes with white chocolate and cherries and berries in cheesecakes

Chocolate is a food derived from fermented cocoa and toasted almond. It is undoubtedly one of the most consumed foods in the world, and is an important component of the food industry, and play a critical role in the economy of various countries around the globe.

Its tree is the cacao tree, typical plant of the tropical climate, which makes the Latin American countries ideal for its cultivation, as is the case of Brazil.

Brazil is the largest producer of this food in Latin America, as well as Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador.know the origin of chocolate

The origin of chocolate, scientists say, came from the original cocoa plantations in the Amazon forests, or else in Oricono, Venezuela.

Although Christopher Columbus during his fourth trip to America has known the cacao beans, he did not give them attention.

The origin of chocolate: A little bit of History


According to some reports, the first to consume chocolate regularly, around 1500 B.C. were the members of the Olmec civilization, inhabitants of today’s Mexico and Guatemala.

Then, the Mayas and Aztecs, people of the same region, developed the custom of drinking chocolate, a product considered sacred.

For this, they roasted the seeds and mixed with other spices, such as pepper, a corn-based fermented and spices, which resulted in very different flavors than those that we are used today.

In religious ceremonies, they roasted cocoa and it was served with spices and honey.

Analyzing the origin of chocolate, we see that the biggest boost to its consumption is due to Spaniards. It is through trade carried out by the Spanish conquerors that chocolate comes to Europe origin of chocolateand eventually spread around the world.

At first, it was considered a special food for its nutritional and energy value, and only women, priests, and nobles consumed in the worship of the Catholic Church.

The success was so great that by 1700 the “Chocolate Houses” began to compete with “Coffee Houses” in London.

However, only with the Industrial Revolution and the invention of various machines that made the chocolate has passed to consume on a large scale due to the products become cheaper.

Gradually, cocoa will become more popular and diversifying with the addition of other ingredients. It was so successful since the origin of chocolate, which in 1828 the Dutch manufacturer origin of the chocolateConrad van Houtten discovered a method of extracting oil from ground cocoa beans, and turn it into cocoa butter.

However, the habit of eating chocolate in pieces only became popular 20 years later in 1847, when the company Fry and Sons, began to produce sweet chocolate bars to eat, mixing the crushed cocoa with cocoa butter and sugar.

It was in Switzerland that came consecrated the mixture of chocolate, milk and sugar, giving rise to chocolate as known today.

Did you like to know how came chocolate to us? Enjoy the origin of chocolate and taste that chocolate bar you have in your fridge!

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