Making wizard hat sweets

Making wizard hat sweets and candies

Making wizard hat sweets are a great option for your magic party or Halloween Party. Check in this posts some tips and recipes to make these witches and wizard hat sweets. To make your party even greater, don’t forget to hire a magician to it. Don’t forget to read our previous posts with Magical treats for Harry Potter fans and sweet and sour: Desserts with Lemon and lime

To make your party personalized, and always in accordance with the theme, we must adapt our sweets and do some really beautiful images.

As we are talking about wizards hats, logically you must already be seeing that the party theme will be magic! Well, if you are going to give a party with this theme, so stay tuned for our tips and recipes!

Making wizard hat sweets to your magic party

Making wizard hat sweets is not so difficult as you might be thinking. Don’t you believe me? Have a look! Making wizard hat sweets and candies

First, we need to do the batter.


  • 1 can of instant powder milk
  • the same measure, less 3 fingers of refined sugar (confectioner)
  • coconut milk until loosening the hands, about 100ml
  • food colouring gel
  1. Mix everything until smooth.
  2. Stir well the dough with your hands. The right point is when the dough is soft, hand dropping without being oily.
  3. Be careful adding the coconut milk. Go dropping bit by bit, if too much, the dough is oily.

Now let’s go Making wizard hat sweets! 

Weigh the dough

Usually, the recipe that I spent yields about 1 kg. Divide into 3 or 4 parts and while you are working a part, reserve the others in a closed plastic container because it dries in the air and starts to get stiff.

  1. Dye the dough with purple colour
  2. Measure pieces using 1/2 tablespoon
  3. Make balls with each piece of these
  4. Splay your ball, turning it into a chicken drumstick
  5. Cut the base of the drumstick (hat cone) and add another small piece of dough, stretch the remainder dough and cut a circle using cutter
  6. Flatten the circle so that it fits over the cone hat
  7. Make green mass of worms and wrap the cone
  8. Make buckle with a piece of orange dough and little bit of black dough

It is truly simple and it makes your table really pretty. Now, let’s see another recipe. Let’s go Making wizard hat sweets with chocolate. Making wizard hat sweet


6 Biscuits Units covered in chocolate
6 Kisses Chocolate Units
50 Grams of Chocolate Topping

  1. Melt chocolate in a double boiler. You can use white chocolate and dye it with dye or else buy a chocolate coloured cover in shops specializing in confectionery.
  2. Put the chocolate in a pastry sleeve and put a drop of coverage in each chocolate kisses.
  3. Place the chocolates to biscuits filled. Do it slowly to prevent the chocolate spread.
  4. Paint the hat brim with the coverage of the same colour with that you pasted the chocolate.
  5. Before the chocolate cool, decorate with edible confetti or chocolate sprinkles.
  6. Let the chocolate witch hats cool completely before serving.

Now that you have two recipes of wizard and witch hats, let’s start Making wizard hat sweets! 

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