Flowers made of sweets for communions

What about flowers made of sweets for communions? Do not you think these flowers can be truly lovely to your communion party? I am sure all your guests will find it just beautiful! Do not you believe me? Stay tuned and find out! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as Birthday cakes featuring Music Superstars or yummy cold appetizers for parties

One of the most exciting and beautiful moments of our lives is our sweet baby’s communion and we want everything to be perfect and made of sweets for communion parties

Sometimes it seems like everything has been done before and that is somewhat frustrating when you want to give your kids the best there is especially in such big occasions like their communion but don’t worry we came up with an original idea just for you!

Flowers made of sweets for communions parties

Flowers are present in every communion, and we have seen all kinds of it! But this time, you will make the difference by creating flowers made of sweets for communions. I am sure no one has ever thought of that and you have the tools to make it come true.

First of all, you need to decide what colors you want to use and what kind of flowers you want to recreate.

You can make a rose, a bluebell, a camellia, a cherry blossom, the possibilities of flowers made of sweets for communions are endless.

Once you have chosen exactly what you want, you need to decide what sweets you want to use to create your own flowers. You can even paint the sweets to get the perfect color.

Use roll up gum to fork the flower stem, if you wish, paint it green with food colorant. Use fizzy or jellies for the petals and for the middle part of the flower.

You can put it on a table or surface. Do as you, please. You can also glue it all together but be careful so no one eats it!DIY flowers made of sweets for communions

You can use lollipops as the flower stem and center and use jelly as petals. There are so many ways to make flowers out of sweets that even I can’t count. The most important is that you like it and that it makes you and your beautiful son happy.

Gums can make beautiful flowers as well. Color them with food colorant according to your taste, place them as you please and voila, a wonderful  eatable flower!

And this is how you turn your flower the most original and fun ever! I hope you had a much fun reading this article as I had writing it and I how to get a feedback with your beautiful flowers made of sweets for communions.

Keep up for more articles about kids parties and events and don’t forget to be happy! And of course, add these flowers made of sweets for communions and your party will be unforgettable. I promise you!

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