Edible pictures to decorate your cake


Have you already heard about Edible pictures to decorate your cake? It can be a great option to easily decorate your birthday cake, and I am sure you will succeed using edible pictures. Have a look! You might also like to read our previous posts, such as easy recipes of vegetable juices or 5 delicious desserts without sugar. They can be very useful for your party catering. 

Most likely you’ve heard of edible pictures, or rice paper, which is widely used in the personification of pastries and cakes. In fact, it is one of the most common ways to decorate a cake.

These edible pictures to decorate your cake are made of potato starch and rice, and have become quite popular with their use with photos of birthday child, party themes, or characters, which decorate birthday cakes, or even wedding.

Edible pictures to decorate your cake Creativity and sophistication!

Nowadays, the use of this edible paper goes much further than the printing of photographs to place on top of the cakes. We can create various textures, imitate fabrics, or embossed pieces, among many other options.

See in our article how you can creatively use edible pictures to decorate your cake. 

In addition to the common edible picture, there is also the option of edible picture premium, having a heavier weight, that is, it is thicker than normal. As it is more full-bodied, it allows you to create firmer structures, such as making a small cupcake, or a butterfly.

edible pictures to decorate your cake tips

In fact, edible pictures allow you to do anything on your birthday cake, just give wings to your imagination. Use different pictures and textures to decorate your cake, and leave everyone open-mouthed with the wonderful cake you will make.

How to use edible pictures to decorate your cake

It can be used without fears, because the edible picture is completely edible, having one porous side, and the other smooth, and the impression of the photograph must be made on the smooth side.

Once the cake is ready, and covered with the American paste, or any other cover, just apply the edible pictures to decorate your cake.


Then pass the glitter jelly onto the cake, where the sheet will be, or on the back of the paper. For this use a brush that is not too soft, and never a water-based brush.

Be very careful when applying the edible picture on your cake, as it is very fragile, and does not allow a second application.

Brush the gloss jelly again so that the colours are highlighted. Gently brush with a brush or a spatula, once, and in one direction, quickly so that the paper does not wrinkle.

I do not advise using it on dark backgrounds because the photo will be dark, and the result will not be favourable. In this case apply the extra white rice paper, and then apply the printed rice paper over it.

Do not forget to buy the edible pictures to decorate your cake only in specialised stores for your own safety.

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