Birthday cakes featuring Music Superstars

Looking for Birthday cakes featuring Music Superstars? You can find great ideas here! These cakes are perfect for disco parties, and together with awesome choreographed songs, there are nothing better! You can also get some ideas in our previous posts, such as clown shaped pancakes for kids and yummy cold appetizers for parties. Enjoy our post and have a great time!  Continue reading “Birthday cakes featuring Music Superstars”

Clown shaped pancakes for kids

What do you think about serving Clown shaped pancakes for kids? It is just great for kids parties, especially if you are going to give a circus or clown themed party. If so, why not hiring clowns? These ones are just awesome! Have a look. You can also get some other ideas in our posts about yummy cold appetizers for parties and preparing caramel for your dessertsContinue reading “Clown shaped pancakes for kids”

Using cheese on desserts

You can surprise your guests Using cheese on desserts. Do not you believe me? There are some desserts that you can add cheese, and I can assure you they are just delicious. Have a look at this post and find out! Also, have a look at our previous posts about yummy cold appetizers for parties and sweet and sour: Desserts with lemon and limeContinue reading “Using cheese on desserts”